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KARIBU Lauren Gallops! WELCOME to Lauren Gallops!  

I might have only two legs, but sometimes I feel like a horse going at a full gallop! My earliest memories include my incredible passion for horses. I enjoy writing about and taking photos of horses and horse-people and their passions for steeplechasing, eventing, dressage, show jumping, endurance, hunter-jumper, polo, foxhunting and recently have expanded my world-view to include active participation in wildlife conservation. So far I have made two "safaris" to East Africa where I have experienced firsthand the spectacular wildlife and landscapes of Kenya. I continue to be inspired by the vital energy produced when Kenya's tourism industry interacts cooperatively with local communities in the bush, as well as community happenings and events both here in the USA and around the globe. I love to travel and get involved on a local level. In fact, I hope to utilize my hitherto neglected blog on this website to share with you my passion for Kenya, for horses and for wildlife in general. Please visit for information about wildly exciting, life-changing safaris, and also visit Travel News Kenya on Facebook - I started writing for this wonderful digital publication this year, and my stories appear in February, March, April-May and the current issue. Happy Trails! 

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